A smart home should not only listen to, but anticipate your needs. ALYT stands for Affordably Link Your Things. It is a unique do-it-yourself (DIY), open source, Smart Home Manager that runs on the Android environment.

Easy to set up, Quick to learn your habits, Ready to be implemented in your home and improve your life. ALYT is a first and revolutionary Android based Smart Home Manager that combines professional security, energy management, together with multiple applications and devices to bring Internet of Things (IoT) to a reality and into our homes. ALYT enables life to our homes communicating with all sort of Smart Home devices and appliances. Security dedicated sensors are connected through a dedicated RF protocol, which positions ALYT among the most unbreakable systems in the security market.

ALYT is not just another Home Automation manager that is using Z-Wave sensors to simulate a professional alarm panel. ALYT was designed in the first place as a rock-solid security system with the further possibility to manage your Smart Home. Thedeep experience in security of the founding team has lead to such a fundamental choice: security and safety are everyone's first concern. This is why ALYT has on-board battery, cellular communication and a proprietary and extremely robust wireless protocol to manage its dedicated sensors. ALYT is not a gadget or a toy, ALYT is a professional alarm system made affordable and easy to self install that also gives you the chance to enjoy all the amazing possibilities offered by the Internet of Things in our homes.

Talk to your home and have it listen, get intelligent feedback.
Part of the smart-home dream has always been being able to talk with a home or office and trust it to control climate, security and sense problems.

You Talk, ALYT Listens. It's like SIRI for your home, but for the Internet Of Things.

ALYT allows you to interact with a wide variety of connected devices by using voice commands, all in one easy to use app. A truly connected home is closer than ever. With ALYT everything around us, from our appliances and television sets to our locks, lamps, windows and walls, will be able to work together for our benefit. ALYT allows for voice and video recognition to control virtually any aspect of a home and get real-time feedback... REALLY.

Operating System: Android 4.3 FLASH Memory - 4G Byte
RAM Memory - 512M Byte
CPU: Dual-core ARM Cortex-A7@1.2GHz
IR-TRANSIMITTER: For Control of Home Appliance
RGB Leds Battery: 3.7V, 2300mAh
- WiFi 802.11 b/g/n
- Bluetooth 2.1/3/4.0 LE
- Z-Wave
- ZigBee
- Security Wireless Protocol (868MHz)
- Cellular / Wifi Routing

ALYT will allow you to manage and control your world with a single dedicated APP. Our mobile application has been developed for the main mobile platforms (Android, iOs and Windows Phone) and it is available both for smartphones and tablets. The user will be able to use the intelligence of the Internet of things and the security system devices at the same time.

ALYT App will learn from the user’s habits. It can be customized on the basis of little and specific needs in order to make each aspect of everyday life easier.

It is an open app which allows anybody to develop new additional features, sharing them with all the ALYT community of users.
ALYT arise with the meeting of complementary professionality, our team came from a long experience in professional security system and professional building automation. Working for years in this business we realized that there was a big gap between high technology available to which users could access in homes and offices. We decided to revolutionize this market taking our experience and what we do better and put it at the service of all. Doing better something that already exists and make it accessible to everyone. So we invented Alyt . The best of technology at the service of security and automation, without compromise. A product that integrates the highest levels of security for professional, the latest functionality in home automation and the endless opportunity od internet of things. We have built a team of high skilled engineers from all around the world, selected the best -performing components and chose the most reliable suppliers. We have choose key people with high expertise in design, logistic and financing with a experience in a multinational contest to guarantee a perfect product